Friday, December 21, 2012

S&W M&P9: Fashionably Late

I'm so cool that I waited until everyone else bought an M&P9 before I did. And by everyone, I mean everyone:

And since you've probably never seen one, here is a picture.

Now I need to run out and get a nylon holster. I think it will look good hanging off my skinny weaved belt. When I started this blog I had been thinking about a Glock, but I changed my mind after some discussions/research and had been leaning toward the S&W for sometime. Since I bought it partially because of recent events, I guess I need to be lumped in with the all the other reactionary buyers. I had already gotten two lowers after the election and I ordered some PMAGs last weekend.

Hopefully, my magazine order was processed before the supply chain got slammed. I also noticed that my e-mails from Brownells and Palmetto State are suggesting that I buy things like gift cards and phone cases - perhaps they are all out of gun stuff. The local Academy store said they sold out of ARs on Tuesday night. Mad Ogre says that Basin Sports is out of ARs as well. Others are posting before and after pics of empty shelves at gun stores. However, Coal Creek Armory posted yesterday that they had some ARs and expected lots of Magpul stuff today. Apologies because I don't remember who posted it, but they said that there were almost 10,000 background checks completed last week-end.

Truth be told, I didn't just buy this because of current events or even because of the inevitable zombie apocalypse. I bought it because of my worst fear: ninjas. If it can happen to Unc, it can happen to anyone.

Brownells PMAG link via Sebastian

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