Monday, December 3, 2012

Wouxun KG-UV920R: Relationships

I e-mailed a US dealer and asked if they would be selling the updated KG-UV920P. They replied that they would not sell the KG-UV920P if it was the best radio in the world. And they included the following to emphasize their point:

Being low cost and having a good product are important if you want to be a successful company, but they aren't the only things. Wouxun should want their re-sellers being evangelists for their products.


  1. Nice!!! I'd like to know the dealer that told you this so I can say way to go!

  2. Well several are all ready selling them or taking orders for future shipments. In reading various blogs and what not it appears that many of the issues reported in the beta test models have been corrected. Even one I read put the unit on Service monitor and found much better results then the previous model he tested. So there are dealers out there selling them. Specifically the KG-UV920P-A.