Saturday, December 1, 2012


From Tam...
"Caleb had a post up recently about the deuce-deuce M&P carbine as a defensive choice, which was interesting, in that I had recently been musing that in a situation like that faced by the Korean shopkeepers in the '92 Los Angeles riots*, I'd hand my neighbor the .22 AR as a spare long gun without a qualm. 
It looks scary and makes noise, which is important because the most important use of long guns in those scenarios was as a deterrent and, push-come-to-shove, it's a lot easier for a novice to operate and make hits with than any of the other spare long guns I have lying around. The thought of a marginally-trained person not much over five feet tall wrestling with a Garand or Mosin M44 on short notice is daunting; by comparison, a dot-sighted rimfire AR is practically an iGun."
I have one of those! Glad they come in black as I don't want a white one. (Not enough snow here to justify it.)


  1. Your M&P15-22 might be only a .22, but what it lacks in caliber, it sure makes up for in looks.

    I would add a cool looking fake suppressor though.

    1. The next project will be to make the .22's big brothers (the lowers) into actual rifles!