Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse & Ham Radio

Recently, I read Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse* as an apparent attempt to push myself into a state of depression. I've seen it billed as a how to manual for preppers with a story slapped on top of it. (It made me think of The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement* - a story about a plant manager who implements several changes related to the Theory of Constraints.) It is not a manual for preparedness by any stretch, but it does try to present various scenarios for one to consider. One of the more interesting parts for me was toward the end when a character was getting a lesson in Communications Security from Edgar, the communications expert:
"My goal today is to first let you know what sort of equipment is out there -- friendly, enemy, captured enemy, and to teach you ComSec in a nutshell, so you won't get yourself killed or give the enemy valuable intelligence."
Edgar covers a lot of ground over the next few pages:
  • HF
  • VHF
  • signals propagating, bouncing off the ionosphere
  • sunspot cycle
  • sky wave
  • ground wave
  • direction finding
  • near vertical incidence
  • line of sight
  • 2M HTs
  • modifying radios that could transmit 118 to 180 megahertz, but limited by FCC to 144 to 148, so they opened them up to 140 - 170
  • frequency agile radios
  • mods to CBs
  • SWR
  • antennas
He recommends trying to find a particular radio:
"Speaking of CBs, you should try to and locate a Uniden President HR2510. This is a ham radio that you can modify to transmit and receive in the citizen's band range. You can open this model up all the way from 26 to 30 megs. It has a frequency counter that you can finetune down to 10 kilohertz."
He then continues the lesson talking about:
  • modifying cellular telephones
  • working split
  • Kenwood TH-79A
  • cross-band operating
  • operating AM on typical FM frequencies
As a ham, it was a fun chapter to read. It also made me interested in the Uniden President HR2510, so I had to look it up. I found this site with a long list of tip and tricks for modifying the HR2510.

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