Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baofeng UV-5R: UV-5RAX 2M + 222

marksenk New Baofeng UV-5RAX covers 144 & 222 MHz ham bands - Available March 10 on Amazon for $49 #hamrTue, Mar 12 11:28:24 from The Visitor Widget

A Radio-Mart exclusive at Amazon: Baofeng UV-5RAX 144/220 Transceiver for $49.99 USD. I'd like for someone to try this out since people tend to have a strong opinion about Radio-Mart.


  1. Just purchased one from Radio-Mart. They were very good with my purchase of a 220 version of the th-9000
    I also have a a TYT-th-uv3r on 2m/ 220, Had to search for the proper software , if the icon had green in it it would not work.
    We will see how this goes.

    1. I would love to hear what you think of the UV-5RAX.

  2. It works , with a few small issues. The radio was marked with a decal in the battery compartment as a 2m/440 radio. A call to Radio-Mart told me to check the antenna markings and power up, sure enough the little rubber attenuator is marked 2m/220 and using a charged battery from my 440 unit the display shows 220. When using the latest VIP programming it will allow me to place the 222 freqs in but chirp will not allow it ( the chirp is a one month old nightly )
    Power on with holding the # key says BFB-296. Talked last night on the net with no issues. All the accessories such as the extended battery and car adaptor are also fine. Only distinguishing cosmetic is the front labelling with some reflective type as a dual band If you needed an extra battery for your 2/70 uv-5ra then this is only 35 bucks more for another radio with a 220 band. It was shipped rather quickly also. So far so good
    W2PDQ new call

  3. Oops meant the #3 key for firmware the # key changes the power level, need to get a sma to pl adaptor to check actual power.

  4. We have withdrawn this model as well as our equally popular UV-5RCX from Amazon for obvious reasons, Why pay them 10% for doing nothing when I already work on a very tight budget as it is.
    I am happy to report that we took 800 of the UV-5RAX models to Dayton and sold out in 2 days.
    The radio is not a software modded unit but has had the 440 side completely replaced with a true 220MHz set up.
    We have only had good reviews of this model and are proud to be supporting all Baofeng products.
    I thank all of my customers old and new including all the ones giving reviews.
    Note to Brick: hey buddy try one :)
    Best 73s
    Martyn K4TEC