Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quansheng Electronics

Nate has been looking around and done some research on the Quansheng (QS) Electronics radios. We've talked about the Quansheng radios before - the TG-Q5 Lucky Stone and the TG-UV2 (that Hans likes). Following is Nate's research with some edits from me - so assume any mistakes are mine.

========= New radios by Quansheng Electronics Ltd =========

I've noticed few days ago a new dualband HT on 409Shop. The very cool looking TG-K4AT(UV) It costs $67.

Quansheng has updated their website recently.

*     TG-K4AT(UV) (as above): Looks like they borrowed some of the Baofeng UV-3R+ / UV-5R looks. No eHam.net reviews yet for the dual band - only the single band TG-K4AT mixed in with other Quansheng radios.

*     TG-620Looks like a single display face lift for the old Quansheng TG-UV2, or if you will, the ham radio version of their commercial single band TG-360/860 - I wonder if the batteries are interchangeable, as the ham version is advertised with a 2000mAh battery and the commercial with a 3200mAh battery (they do promise a whooping 300 hours of work with these 3200mAh batteries). No eHam.net reviews. The Quansheng Alibaba page shows another version of the TG620 radio that they have yet to put on their main website: TG-620 (color)This one has red Up/Down buttons and yellow Menu and Exit buttons, while the rest are plain.

*     The old TG-UV2 - Weird looking, very hard to program using the keypad (unlike the Baofeng UV-5R, which is relatively easy to program via the keypad). 47 eHam.net Reviews with an average score of 4.6/5.

*    TG-286/TG-486Mono band mobile radios, 2m and 440MHz respectively (Also comes as the TG-386 for 350MHz). No eHam.net reviews.

(The following cute/weird radio - this hides under a different page where they keep their older models - mostly ham mono bander HTs.)

*     TG-R20 - Dubbed "Cute radio" - has only 3 buttons on the radio where the (M)emory, (F)unction and Menu buttons are arranged to look like eyes and a nose of a cute small animal, (the large menu button even have painted nose and whiskers). - no specs, one picture shows it as having a single frequency display, while another shows a dual display. No eHam.net reviews.

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