Saturday, March 30, 2013

TYT TH-UV3R: Tri-Band

I was reading the TYT USA Yahoo Group and was going to post that the TH-UV3R was getting some love from the group members.

That first post mentioned that the TH-UV3R would do 144/440 and 220. The 220 comment brought on a question and then a couple of replies about making the radio tri-band.

"The mod was done in the factory software. Under setup, then model information, Ijust changed the frequency range. 
Freq range 1 400 - 4702 136 - 1743 200 - 246
Works great.."
"Bryan, it is in tht tyt programing.  Open up the program, read from your radio then go to setup then in the dropdown menu click on model info. You will get a popup box with 4 frequency ranges. The 3rd box has 245 to 246mhz init already but is unchecked. Check the box beside it and change the frequency to your band plan. Be aware this will clear any entries you have already programmed. So be prepared to re-enter your frequencies. 
Good luck,
Barry KF5GC"

A little searching and I see that Sinotel UK is selling it as the "TYT TH-UV3R Tri-Band Handheld Transceiver With Dual Frequency Display."

I had written some about the TH-UV3R and remembered that it was Moleculo's favorite (his review). The eHam reviews are generally favorable, but don't mention tri-banding.

A happy little surprise for Easter.


  1. I'm the Bryan mentioned in the above comment. I've since done the programming change and purchased a tri-band antenna for this little radio. It's a bit odd to be using an antenna that costs more than the radio it's mounted to!

    Doing the tri-band programming will wipe out all of the programmed frequencies, so make sure you keep the list handy to enter them all back in again, and notice that the initial frequencies listed are not ham frequencies, at least not in the United States. They're simple enough to change - just type in the high and low band edges and you're done.

    1. Funny how all the accessories can cost more than the radio - more often than not!

      Thanks for the additional info.