Saturday, March 30, 2013

Running Lingo and Rule Book

I still run despite bad weather and lots of illness around the house, so some running content.

First, we have bibs, rabbits, tapers, and the infamous fartleks... Runner's Lingo

Next is the Runner's Rule Book...

Example rules include:

Rule 1.46 For Pete’s Sake, Stand Still at Red Lights

(Which reminds me of the jogger vs. runner comparison.)

Rule 2.32 Do Whatever it Takes to Finish Ahead of a Costumed Runner

(I got beat by these guys, but I'm not sure I should feel bad about it since they are superheros. Picture from here.)

Lastly, race a world class marathoner...

He runs 26.2 miles at a 4:46 per mile pace. As a point of reference, my best 5k (3.1 miles) pace is 6:35 per mile and I am considered pretty fast for an old man.

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