Thursday, May 30, 2013

Networked Devices at Home

I have marveled at how many devices I have on my network at the house. Beyond the usual smartphones, tablets, printers, game consoles, and even laptops; I now have my thermostat on my wireless. I can control the HVAC from anywhere via a webpage or app. It was pretty cool (no pun intended) to be on vacation and remotely change the heating/cooling schedule to save a few pennies since we were out of town. (I ended up not getting a Nest even though I still think it is neat.)

I had to get a new controller for my irrigation system - it was only as I was checking the thermostats program that I realized I should have asked about one with network connectivity. It would have saved a lot of running around the house - start zone 1, walk to check it, walk back to start zone 2, etc.

If I ever have to replace the cipher lock on my front door, maybe I need to upgrade to an August lock.


  1. When I'm in your neighborhood, I'll have a look what stuff I can control without you knowing it ;)

    Sorry for the shameless promotion.


    1. I'm not worried I encrypt everything in ROT13... for the real sensitive stuff I use ROT26.

      You may post as many links as you like as often as you like - because I like your stuff. Never a worry.

  2. I tried a Nest but it would not work with the Trane happy VSD air handler. Sigh....