Wednesday, June 26, 2013

RSS Feeds

I've still not settled on a Google Reader replacement, but I just thought to check my subscriber numbers. There are about 240 of you who follow the blog via RSS. Eighty of which use Google Reader. I see several other readers in the list - but "unknown" is second to Google Reader.

Let's see what happens after July 1.


  1. I use Kind of like google reader. Works on all my devices. IOS, win8, bb z10, android 4.2.2, win7. Web based easy to use.

  2. Now that feedly launched their cloud service that is where I am and I like it for the most part.

  3. I am using Netvibes as a replacement for GR. Still not 100% used to it, but what can we do, in 4 days G Reader will be history :)

  4. I use "The Old Reader" as a replacement.. works good on my laptop,
    and Windows 7