Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kirisun Updates

409Shop has listings for the following Kirisun radios:

S760 (400 - 470 MHz) - $128
S780 (400 - 470 MHz) - $128
S785 (400 - 470 MHz) - $119
V688 (400 - 425 MHz) - $122
V689 (400 - 425 MHz) - $122

The software (S768, S765, S780, V688, V689) has also been posted on the 409Shop site. Direct download link here. (Thanks to SM3SWO for the pointer.)

Also, the Kirisun site has Chinese pages for the radios. (Thanks eb4fbz for the pointer!)
Google Chrome can help with the translations on the fly or you could use a different translation tool.



  1. Are these of any use for someone in the U.S.?

  2. I saaw one radio made by them, i forget which one, but it was a digital radio that had the option to be ordered in VHF. What got me even more interested in it was the fact that it did MDC1200 signalling. Unfortunately i could find no other info or anything about it other than on their own website. I also could find no retailers selling it. One thing that bothers me about all of these chinese radios is that none of them offer MDC signalling as an option, which is a deal breaker for me, unless the radio is for my own personal, unofficial, off the clock use, as it is required by almost every agency around here. I would love for it to be a more commonly found feature with these new chinese radios.