Friday, July 19, 2013

AnyTone Intellectual Property and TYT

Ed (Import Communications) passed along the following:
To Whom this may Concern:
Please be aware that our Company, Qixiang Electron Science & Technology Co., Ltd., is the manufacturer and designer of the industry leading AT-588 mobile transceiver. We are sending you this notice as where we wish to inform you that our intellectual property has been stolen by a competitive manufacturer from Quanzhou City, China, TYT Electronics Co., Ltd.. 
They sold worldwide a copy of our radio, which they called the TH9000.
Based on the evidence presented to the courts,  the Intermediate People's Court of Quanzhou City announced after trial on June 17,2013, the following verdict:
1) It was found where TYT illegally obtained the technical files of the Model AT-588 (single band mobile radio) from Qixiang and used this information to produce a copy and sold their copied model TH-9000 to the industry. 
2)TYT was ordered to stop the production and sales of the TH9000 
3) TYT was fined 4 million RMB ($650,000 USD) for its tort and illegal activity as damages to Qixiang.
The decision of the courts was fair and just, and brings another level of integrity to the radio manufacturing sector in China.
It  also reminds all professional radio manufacturers in China to the intellectual property of others and this decision reminds of them what they cannot do.
We remind all TYT resellers and users of the TYT Model  TH9000 about this court decision and advise all TYT customers or others to cease from advertising, selling, or supporting  the TH-9000 model transceiver. Qixiang Electron Science & Technology Co., Ltd., will protect its intellectual property and will prosecute to the fullest worldwide anyone found to sell the products in question.
Meanwhile, we hope our customers will support our original designed products, this will be lead us to stable and continued long-term business.
----------Best regards,EchoQixiang Electron Science & Technology CO., Ltd.
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Wow.  I wonder if this will have any impact to all the other "clones" we see. I suspect many of the clones are sold by the original manufacturer and re-branded, but there are probably others out there that are not. And will they start protecting the intellectual property of non-Chinese companies? That has long been a concern of taking tech to China to be built.


  1. Chinese manufacturers upset about copying?

    Wait a sec. Have to sit down. Need oxygen bottle. Need pills. Need medical attention for laughing so hard that my vocal cords gave up.

    Current symptoms include shortness of breath (dyspnea), wheezing, coughing, tightness in the throat, skin discoloration due to oxygen deprivation, noise during inhalation (stridor), and loss of consciousness.

    Thanks Brick. I won't forget this.

    1. "Chinese manufacturers upset about copying" ... not worrying about copying - worrying about being copied!


  2. you would think this would make TYT pull said product from their website...

  3. 4 years on, and TYT is still selling the radio. Wonder what that means then....