Friday, July 19, 2013

Xiegu X1M: Platinum Edition Update

Some more about the Xiegu X1M Platinum Edition on the forum. Images are via the forum and text is via the forum by way of Google Translate.
X1M Platinum Edition (Overseas customized), is in the country X1M version, based on the appearance of the display, buttons, part of the circuit is optimized for a version, mainly to comply with EU mandatory technical requirements of relevant laws and regulations, as well as relevant FCC requirements.

The improved version of the following areas:

1, for a chip with a new, lower numerical part of the receiver;
2, for a solid OLED screen, to meet the sun observation, as well as the use of cold regions;
3, the replacement of the button improved touch feel;
4, significantly reducing the use of plug-ins that will replace most of the capacitor chip capacitors;
5, will be replaced by a capacitor LPF section COG chip capacitors, filter characteristics significantly improved;
6, the power amplifier section redesigned, converted to all-MOS amplifier, all using Mitsubishi RF power transistors, high gain RF specifications can be protected, each section were 4.5W maximum power over part of the band reaches 6.5W;
7, the control software for the rewritten and revised the CW portion of the bug, is zoned separation standards;
8, carried out on the machine EMC focus rectification, effectively inhibited the machine's various crosstalk;
9, to meet the requirements of domestic and foreign regulations and inspection machine, the software inside, on the amateur bands made ​​shield band emission (in the Project menu to open);
10, to increase the reliability of keys, key board uses a PCB gold plating.

To meet the needs of my friends and thank you for your continued support and concern that this X1M Platinum Edition Domestic sales are as follows: Price: 1180 yuan / Taiwan (only mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) including a full : Host a microphone in hand a power plug a 3.5 key plug an updated record: 2013.07.17: X1M Platinum Edition Quick Start Guide first release


  1. Any luck in finding the Guide?

    X1M白金版快速操作指南V1.pdf (2084 K) 下载次数:19

    2013.07.17: X1M Platinum Edition Quick Start Guide first release
    X1M Platinum Edition Quick Start Guide v1.pdf (2084 K) Downloads: 19

  2. Join the X1M Yahoo group, and you can download the guide from there. The guide is a V1 version, and is only in Chinese language for now.