Wednesday, October 30, 2013


What I'm reading now: Wool. It is a different take on a dystopian future. I'm enjoying the series, but I really need to find something lighter and more upbeat or it'll end up being like the apocalyptic summer of 2010 where I read One Second After, Alas, Babylon, and On the Beach.


  1. I seem to be on a post apocalyptic kick these days. I read Wool, Shift, and Dust, as well as a few other Hugh Howey titles, and Kill Order, Without Warning (and its sequels), Cyberstorm, Robopocalypse, Daemon (and sequels), and many more. Currently working on The Passage. I have a nice long commute every day, and this passes the time for now. I find that it mostly makes me feel better about the world as it is, but also reminds me to value what I have a little more.

    1. I've finished two thirds of Shift. I can't stop reading Hugh's stuff. He's really good about giving me enough clues that I am able to figure a few things out before he comes out and tells us. (Maybe it is obvious to everyone at the time I figure it out, but I feel like I've noodled something out anyway!) The Passage also made my reading list. I'm going to have to seek out titles that have rainbows and unicorns in them. ;)