Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Not How I Would Do It

Guy posts a link to a survey on a Yahoo Group and the list owner kicks him out:
"I think you need to unsubscribe from this list of all you want is to mooch a survey. Forget that, I'll unsubscribe you myself."


  1. I read that one a few minutes ago. That dude seriously makes me facepalm so much. It seems like at least once a week he makes me consider unsubscribing from his group, but then at the same time then i would miss out on his ridiculous antics like that. Its almost fun to watch him almost have a coronary when someone mentions a different radio in his group. Ive said it before, but that he really is a dick.

    1. Now there is drama on the X1M Yahoo Group about information being posted on a wiki outside the Yahoo Group.