Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Baofeng GT-3: Review by W9MDB

Mike (W9MDB) shares his thoughts on the GT-3 on a post to the UV-5R Yahoo Group:
"My observations so far. 
#1 Same poor performing antenna as what people refer to as the UV-5R "stock"antenna (it's the Baofeng UV-5R Logo antenna)
#2 Battery/charger is not compatible with UV-5R batteries at all - nomodification possible that I see
#3 Speaker sounds a lot better to my ear (I have some high frequency hearingloss and I hear more low freq on the GT-3)
#4 Had to trim my FTDI cable jack as the radio case around the jack is atouch deeper than the UV-5R so the top pin wasn't seating fully
#5 CHIRP speaks to it as a UV-5R
#6 Firmware is BFS311 and reports as BFB297 on power up so should be fullycompatible with UV-5R
#7 The GT-3 software has one more menu than the UV-5R for setting freq rangeotherwise it's identical that I see.
#8 The specifications in the manual are identical to the UV-5R.
#9 I'm seeing better FM performance on my UV-5R then the GT-3. Stationscoming in weaker on the GT-3 with both radios using identical Diamond RH771antennas. My experience contradicts Jerry's review.YMMV apparently.
#10 I'm questioning the weather resistance. I don't see a lot of differencefrom the UV-5R. The speaker grill is quite open and you can see the LEDlight through the microphone hole. The keys don't look like they are sealedto the case. I suppose they might've coated the board (haven't taken itapart yet to see)..that would be the only thing I can think of that mightmake it more water resistant than the UV-5R.manual/box says nothing aboutwater resistant.
Software available here if you want to try the Baofeng VIP software
Mike W9MDB"


  1. The unit is 95% the UV5R with newer firmware.
    There is no better or worse than the waterproof UV5R.
    Have the unit for a week.
    The squelch is just as bad as the previous model.
    Only the modulation is at last! fine.
    And the radio reception is a little better.
    The antenna is but for the trash can.
    My antenna from Baofeng UV 82 is better!

    Would the squelch improved (better gradation!), The antenna from UV 82 there and the speakers from the UV 82 installed (best speakers of all hand sparks)
    it would last a great device.


  2. The real firmware is BFS311 newest BFB version, you can check as the follow way:

    I think the squelch is much better than UV-5R, not too bad and i sure it be improved

    As the antenna it's ture need be improved and the baofeng company need to think about it.

    1. i'm hesitate to buy which one of uv-82l and gt-3. I saw one of the video:
      said the squelch has been improved, need a confirmation.

    2. no hesitating man. i got one gt3 after i swa the same video on youtube cause im convinced by the video owner. fact proves im right. this new baofeng radio sounds really much better than shit 5R. uv 82l ? idont know, but everything has own value lol

    3. I have a 2014 Baofeng GT-3 from ebay and i also have one UV-82L
      Baofeng UV-82L & GT-3 all be called 2014 version,
      BFB Version: GT-3 BFS311, UV-82L old version BF301
      Chips: GT-3 be upgraded UV-82L no
      Frequency: the same
      FM: GT-3 be upgraded UV-82L no
      appearence, GT-3 more fanshion UV-82 dark
      Earpiece : the same
      Battery: UV-82L be called 3600mAh
      Price: much the same
      desk charger: GT-3 be improved not the same size as UV-5R and more stitch
      Appearence: more water-proof than any other Baofeng Radios, you can check the cable jack as the radio case around the jack is atouch deeper,more safe and firm if you use programming cable or speakers.
      squelch : GT-3 be upgraded UV-82L i don't think there is any different with UV-5R
      althoug the antenna of GT-3 need be improved and too old, i also recommend GT-3.
      hope you like it

  3. I think this radio has been upgraded because I have seen one called baofeng gt-3 mark II on some websites. Now I are checking on the difference.
    You can also look at this MARK II radio first, http://goo.gl/egx5gm