Sunday, December 15, 2013

Internet Radio: S-1000

From the "what is new is old department"... the Internet Radio Model S-1000.

The documentation "revealed that the company imported the radio from Hong Kong, and were based in Beckenham in Kent. It seems even back then Chinese imports were inaccurate, as the town is spelt ‘Beekenham’ on the warranty card! The box is a little dirty and battered, so the €20 (£17/$27) price tag seemed very fair to me."

No word if it has FCC approval, will be a tri-bander, will do 8 watts, has DTMF, if a Kenwood style plug will work for programming, is AMBE+2™  compatible, or work with Ham Radio Deluxe.


  1. It's missing a flashlight.

    Rob in AZ

  2. Check this out, I have one.
    New "transistor" Radio.Still no flashlight

    1. How do you like it? I'm looking for something to replace a Grundig.

    2. Brick;
      For this price it is rather good. Mine is a re brand as a GP-5DSP. After Sandy wanted another couple of backups. Ended up being used to replace RS 390DX as a AM radio for listening to ball games in my station.Convenient charge of Enloops through USB port . Now using in my limited winter work space.No SSB limited RX range.
      a Review:
      Good purchase, they seem to make great little radios
      PS Glad you figured out YL's post, I removed mine sounded sarcastic w/o proper tone