Friday, January 3, 2014

6-in-1 Programming Cable

I love things like this 6-in-1 cable for programming various radios. Of course, with the problems people have with counterfeit chips, poorly fitting connections, COM port confusion, etc. maybe it isn't the best idea to introduce another variable.

Discovered here.


  1. May I suggest: Buy one, figure out the pinout of the 35mm plug (obviously TX, RX, and GND) and keep the tips. THEN, recognize that the serial chip is probably a fake prolific. Once you've confirmed this, see if you can pop open the shell. If so, save the shell and the 35mm cable. If not, just trash it. THEN, pick up a FTDI breakout on eBay (one that'll fit the shell if you were able to salvage it would be best!) Solder the 35mm cable you salvaged or made as appropriate.

    Enjoy your real FTDI not counterfeit anything universal programming cable. :) Label those tips and store the cable and tips in a nylon pencil pouch which you also label. Problem solved so easily that even a legally blind guy can manage it. :)