Friday, January 3, 2014

Baofeng GT-3: Names

So the story goes like this...

Hans and I found the Baofeng A52 and B-580T a while back.

Rob pointed out the GT-3.

Then Nate found the BF-E500S that appears to be a GT-3.

Applying the transitive property, that would mean A52=B-580T=GT-3=BF-E500S, so I e-mailed Baofeng and asked if the radios were the same and they replied:
"I am sorry that I do not know the radio in 409 shop is same or not with our GT-3. I think you should confirm this with them."
I've tweeted and e-mailed 409Shop with no reply on the BF-E500S yet. Back to the Baofeng reply:
"B580T is same with A52, same internally but different shell with GT-3. "
If they are the same, where did the "BAND" button go?


  1. Well, the band button isn't necessary, but i'm sure they are the same radio. They have the same profile. I'm sure this will be confirmed once we receive a unit and check out the FM and radio chip inside the unit - they will be the same as the GT-3 which is supposed to give an improvement over the UV-5R series

    1. I believe it was firmware version BFB293 that allowed the Band Button to be optional.

      What is the firmware release of your GT-3 ?

      John K3NXU

  2. - They share the 2nd Gen Board - which is a minimal upgrade from the original UV-5R board