Wednesday, January 8, 2014

AnyTone AT-3318UV-C

I posted about the AT-3318UV-A, but Ed also mentioned the AT-3318UV-C. He says it is:
"a true dual band radio. It will receive two signals at the same time and it will even cross band repeat. This radio will sell in the price range of the KG-UV6D."
On the Yahoo Group, he adds:
"Retail will be $199.95, but may sell for a little less from time to time.Shipment of only 30 will be delivered mid-Jan.
500 more will follow soon, depending on the Chinese New Year schedule.
I will put up an ordering page in a day or so."


  1. $200?? Not worth it when you can get a Yaesu FT-60 for $145 from HRO.
    But I guess Ed changed his mind on the price because he now has the AT-3318 listed on his website for $99 on a sale.

    1. Just to clarify... there are two versions (at least that we know about):

      AT-3318UV-A started at $99 - will be regularly $129.
      AT-3318UV-C will be $200 or less.