Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wouxun Defects: The Other Side

After all the posts about Ed's divorce, Hans had a couple of Wouxun sellers comment on his site.

"We have sold THOUSANDS of their entire range and bar a very very low percentage of failures, have not encountered the problem he reports."
"While he sold at least 500 dual-band Wouxun models, he only ran into the problem once."
So is Ed unlucky? Did he get bad lots? Is he wrong? I've worked with the Chinese enough to be aware of some of the cultural differences that can create problems. I've had problems with our plants in Mexico and Italy, too. It's just easier when everyone thinks (mostly) the same way. But ignoring some of the communication and ordering problems, the question remains: is there a big quality problem with Wouxun radios? The data is not very clear. I took what Ed posted at face value. We've all seen quality problems with the Chinese radios, so it was all to easy to just run with his comments.

I'm going to do some more analysis and get back to you.

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  1. As far as I saw, Ed never claimed he had a high failure rate. Just that when the radios failed, Ed was invited to keep all the pieces and do the repairs himself. Also that the company became hostile when he decided not to sell their mobile radio. My own Wouxun has served me well for a few years now. My new Baofeng had a defective mic, but Amazon is taking care of me. I wouldn't pay Ed's asking price for the UV-5R by any name—his version's firmware is supposedly the only one that's properly compliant with part 90, but I'm a ham, so locking the radio down for part 90 compliance isn't even remotely a concern for me.