Sunday, February 2, 2014

Moving to IP Voice

Given my recent adventure in Atlanta, the move to a platform with less resiliency built-in sounds a little scary. Of course, I am speaking out of school in some ways. I don't even have a landline at my house. But then again, I do have a few radios lying around. I don't have much in the way of backup power in the house, but I could always leverage the power in the cars.


  1. Every broadband connection here (cable, DSL, fiber) uses VoIP for land lines. It's cheap. It's also unreliable, and I dislike the echoes and latency.

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  3. I switched to ViaTalk nearly five years ago and have had excellent success. Some really cool features that we didn't have before, like custom caller-id, voicemail to e-mail, and call forward to mobile if our internet connection is offline.