Friday, March 21, 2014


Speaking of task managers... So many tasks revolve around e-mail, I like to use it as a virtual task manager. I've used Tasks and Appointments in Outlook, but they made it awkward to get back to the original message that generated the activity. I wanted to use the original message in order to maintain the history.

I've used Boomerang (for Outlook) and like it, except there was no quick option to have a message reappear in three days - critical for the Friday to Monday period.

TechHit has released SnoozeIt which is a similar tool. I already use TwInbox - which is their plugin to get tweets in my Outlook. I might have to check it out.

An update... before I got this posted, I saw KK Cool Tools recommending Boomerang for Gmail. What really caught my attention was this:
"You also — and this is a sweet add-on — get to choose whether you want the message to Boomerang as a function of whether your email receives a reply, is not clicked, is not opened, or regardless. So if you you choose to only Boomerang in 1 week if there is no reply because you want to make sure your email is attended to, and then the recipient replies in 2 days, your email will not come back to you in 1 week."
Cool indeed.

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