Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wireless Router

The Lifehacker Hive Mind says the ASUS RT-AC66U is better than the ASUS RT-N66U that I have. I used to say it was silly* to chase ever faster WiFi speeds because your internet connection is the bottleneck. That's no longer true for me. I switched to xfinity to get rid of some chronic service issues with my other provider. I didn't save any money by switching, but I get many new features (iPad DVR control), a phone, and 100 Mbps. Woo hoo!

* Unless you are doing lots of big file transfers on your LAN.


  1. I'm thinking the N just because I don't have any AC gear and it seems to go through routers every 4 years or so anyway. Hard to justify the extra $50.

    1. Being sans a job, there is no way to justify a new one even if I had to carry my data between computers on a USB drive! ;)