Friday, June 20, 2014

Xiegu X108: Import Communications

Ed at Import Communications has some more information about the X108.

First, he will be the North American distributor for any of the new Xiegu radios - including the X108. The factory says that the X108 is still in a testing period and there is no definite release date. They will release 30-50 units for testing, but in the Chinese market only. Pricing is not established yet, but Ed hopes to hear something from them soon. They will continue to make the X1M-Pro as the X108 will be at a significantly higher price point - perhaps as much as two or three times higher than the X1M-Pro.


  1. Two or three times higher ($600, $900)? Um... no market. They would be better aiming for $400 or $500.

    1. I agree. In my opinion the X108 should take the current price of the X1M(roughly $360). The X1M should then be dropped in price to $250-300.

      It would be interesting to see what their build cost is compared to their selling price. If they can provide a 20watt HF radio for less than $400 then I could definitely see them taking a pretty good chunk of the market here.

      Hopefully they don't mess it all up price-wise like Leixen did with the VV-808s.