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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Connect Systems: CS108G X108G

Connect Systems has the CS108G for $349:
"As you probably know by now, the CS108G is the X108G with slightly different firmware. The hardware is identical. 
Because of non support from Xiegu, we are discontinuing the CS108G Radio and selling at our cost. The radios seem to work fine in CW and AM mode but have problems in SSB mode. Some radios work fine but the majority of radios do not. The problems in the SSB mode is as follows: 
1. Spike in the transmitter when PTT first pressed in SSB mode which last 1-2 seconds
2. Continous carrier in SSB mode even when not speaking...3. Hum even when speaking in SSB mode. 
From what other people have confirmed on this site, these problems have been known for a long time but have never been resolved.
Call our office at 818 889 0503 if you want to purchase these radios as is. We will not warranty these radios at these prices."

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Xiegu X5105: Pre-production Testing

Fred Lesnick, VE3FAL:
"This is a pre-production model and we are awaiting new firmware to be able to update some of the many issues with it."

Monday, February 13, 2017

Xiegu X5105: Updates

Some updates on the Xiegu X5105 HF rig at including images and videos:

Friday, March 25, 2016

Xiegu X5105

Some updates on the X5105 on HelloCQ via the Xiegu X108G & X5105 Facebook group:

1, X5105 much power?
The whole band maximum 5W, minimum 1W, 0.5W in continuous steps. 
2, X5105 which works in the band?
0.5 ~ 54MHz amateur band range. 
3, X5105 which mode?
CW / SSB / AM / NFM / DIG, support digital mode; 
4, X5105 screen how much?
About 3.2 inch grayscale display black and white screen; 
5, the volume X5105 how much?
About 160 * 100 * 42mm 
6, X5105 operating voltage range?
DC 8 ~ 15V 
7, X5105 SDR is it?
X5105 itself is the second superheterodyne structure, built ADSP processor to complete part of SDR functions. With subsequent XDT1 products that can achieve all SDR functionality.
X5105 is the front end of the machine 2-conversion analog receiver, the rear end of the demodulated signal into the DSP chip, digital filtering, digital noise reduction, digital NB processing. 
8, X5105's internal battery is in what form?
Is built-in battery, life time is about 6 to 8 hours; 
9, the material is what X5105 shell?
Sheet metal chassis. 
10, X5105 antenna interface What are the specifications?
BNC (Q9) Interface 
11, X5105 can do with the computer on-line?
Can be connected to a computer, send and receive a host of software control by the HRD.  
12, X5105 and XPA125, XDT1 how to connect?
A dedicated connection port, you can connect wires. Connection will be distribution, without having to purchase separately. 
13, X5105 can charge the internal battery it?
Yes, the machine has a charging circuit. 
14, X5105 can customize boot callsign it?
15, X5105 weigh?
About 0.6 kg. 
16, X5105 automatic key it?
There, you can manually key / auto key switch, adjustable rate; 
17, X5105 automatic call / Beacon feature? How Built-in filter performance?
Automatic call / beacon function.
5105 machine filter as follows:
a roofing filter, Japan KDS custom 15K Bandwidth
b crystal filters, co Valley secret SSB, CW filter
c AM filter, FM filters, some of the products ordered in Chengdu 
18, X5105 has approval code it? By inspection machine it?
It will apply for approval code, the whole index in line with requirements of the testing machine.
Here are some pictures from the HelloCQ thread.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Xiegu X5105

Looks like Xiegu is working on a new model. (Info via the X108 Yahoo Group and the Xiegu X108G & X5105 Facebook page.)

X5105 is a highly portable transmitter receiver working at HF+6m band, with a built-in power output of 5W.

Technical features: double-conversion superheterodyne, fitted with up to 3 lithium batteries of 18,650mAh each.

l A standard main unit (embedded with one 8-pole 2.7k-SSB crystal filter)
l An optional high stability, high precision TCXO module
l An optional 500Hz narrow band crystal filter
l An optional plug-in 5W antenna tuner module

Antenna impedance 50Ω (BNC)
Channels 120

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Xiegu X108G Outdoor Version

Not only was I behind on all the new mobiles, but I'm also overdue for posting about the Xiegu X108G Outdoor Version. The manufacturer's website is here. They provide a list of authorized sellers. In general, folks that have them seem much happier out of the gate than with the previous iterations.

Ed at Import Communications is selling them for $599.95. His page says, "Xiegu has totally remade the X108."

X108G QRP Transceiver
9 Bands AM / SSB / CW 1 - 20 watts

0.5 - 30 MHz (9 filtered ham bands)

Features:Microphone - multifunctional
CW Filter (500 Hz)
SSB Filter (2.4 kHz)
S Meter - PO Meter - SWR Meter
Adjustable 1-20 watt output
Modes - AM - SSB - CW
0.5 - 30 MHz (9 filtered ham bands)
High SWR protection
Pre-amplifier / Attenuator
USB control port (uses plain USB-a to USB-b cable)
CW Keyer
SO239 antenna connector
0.5 ppm TCXO Module
Noise Blanker
Front & Rear Handles
4-3/4 x 1-3/4 x 7-1/16 inches
Radio Weight - 1 kg - 2.2 lb
Mic Weight - 0.143kg - 5oz
12.5 - 14.5 vdc / 0.5 - 6.0 amps

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Xiegu X108: Future II

So the X108 is not going away after all:

"I have just received some further info on the production of the X108 from a reliable source. Xiegu are continuing the production of the X108 and theirs no plans to stop doing so...I have asked if both versions will be produced ie standard and deluxe versions..I am awaiting an update on this so will keep you all posted with any further developments on this..
Wayne 2e0bvj"

(Last Thursday's post about the X108's possible demise.)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Xiegu X108: Future

I've not heard this anywhere else, but I saw this on the X108 Yahoo Group
"Well guys my suspicions have been confirmed and its looking like the Xiegu X108 is going out of production.. 
I am greatfull to a member who sent me some information he had back from Xiegu them selves kind of confirming that unless customer demand is higher they are going to stop production..
They only have deluxe models available at present and no standard versions are in the pipe line.. 
Great news looks like we have all been guinea pigs for Xiegu and the X108..
Im sure over the coming days now more info may come to light as to its future if any..
If any body can get more info regarding this then i'm sure the group will be gratefull.
Positive news would be good but im not holding my breath on this one.. 
Wayne 2e0bvj"
Anyone else got any info on this?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Xiegu X108: Better Update

From Fred (VE3FAL):
"Those who have already received the updated radio say it is like night and day between the first batch and the second. Audio on SSB is much cleaner and clearer and the over-driving of the front end has been fixed. AM is also much better sounding according to those using the radio. 
The firmware has been changed as well so the microphone buttons can be programmed by the end user to their choice and option for buttons on the microphone, as well a cw side-tone volume control has been added into the menu options."

And from Ed's Import Communications site:

"-this radio is out of stock- 
the factory is replacing all previously sold radios and stock should return in mid-December"

And also this:
"Xiegu is pronounced 'zee goo'"

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Xiegu X108: Second Batch

I've not kept up completely with the X108, but it looks like there were several problems with the first batch. Some (most? all?) of the sellers are working with their customers to replace the radios with new ones that have been updated with several fixes. Again, I've not stayed on top of it completely, but it does seem like satisfaction is growing with the owners.

If you want to check out the details, you can catch up in the X108 Yahoo Group.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Xiegu X108: Firmware Update

A link was posted on the (X1M) Yahoo Group to a beta version of a firmware update for the X108, so Ed (Import Communications) chimed in with the following:

"11/11/14The factory has finally finished the firmware update to correct the few bugs that have been reported. They are testing it and should release it shortly. I will email all owners when it's ready and will also place it in the files section of this group. 
The factory says they will design their own microphone instead of depending on the clone mics they are now using. They say this won't take long and I'll keep everyone posted on how this plays out. 
One of the bugs that bugged me was the noise blanker. Some worked but most did not. When I reported the problem, I assumed it was a firmware problem but that is not the case. It seems two diodes on the NB board are reversed. I'm not sure how this will get corrected because I haven't looked to see the physical size of the diodes involved. My first thoughts are to get a supply of correct boards and swap them out. 
That's all I have for now. 
Import Communications"

The update notes that were posted initially said:
Update records:
Updated: 2014.11.09
Firmware filename: X108_FW_V135_SOFTPTT
Firmware version number: V1.35B 
1, the band changes and then return to the previous band, the frequency remains the original frequency;
2, increasing the key lock function;
3, increasing microphone in hand UP and DN keys to control the stepping of continuous functions;
4, increase the size of the adjustment menu CW Tone
5. PTT microphone in hand to improve immunity.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Xiegu X108: VE3FAL1 Demo Videos

Fred (VE3FAL1) has several videos demonstrating the X108. I've embedded a few below.

X108 on SSB

X108 vs. TJ5A CW SS 20meters

X108 TJ5A Comparison 10meters W1AW KP2

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Xiegu X108: Ordering

Andy, DC3AFA posts to the Yahoo Group:
"She [a cqxiegu representative on Facebook] gave an update today. "Good news! The first batch of Xiegu Made hf transceiver X108 will be ready on 10th, October, 2014. But as all of them has been ordered and paid by our sales agent for a long time, they will be sent to our sales agents. Then we will begin the second batch. Orders for the second batch can be accepted from now on."
For US folks, if I were ordering one, I would get it from Ed in case there were any issues with the first release.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Xiegu X108: FCC?

From the X108 thread:
"x108 is to be visited fcc certification, technical indicators promised things would be done, the average user know there is no water on the line. If you want to know the test method, you can refer to a few centimeters of qst information or go to see, of course, if you can, that bob wrote the book arrl can also be bought to see that currently no Chinese version."
That clears that right up for me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Import Communications Updates

Ed sent out a newsletter with several updates:

September 16, 2014

Dear Customers,

We have some new items at Import Communications with features not found on other imported radios. Things like Frequency Hopping, 2-Tone pager mode and AM Airband receive, just to name a few. Please visit our home page for more details.

AT-3318UV-A ............................. in stock now

  • Can double as a 2-Tone Pager (any one of 16 different 2-Tone tones can be assigned to any saved channel)
  • Both 2-Tone & 5-Tone decode and encode
  • PTT id
  • CTCSS & DCS (that work correctly in receive mode)
  • Stun / Kill
  • Memory banks (10 banks, up to 32 channels per bank)
  • Assign any channel to multiple banks
  • Assign any or all banks as “active”
  • Add or remove active banks by key-press
  • Fast Scan Rate / Normal Scan Rate, you choose
  • Scanning resumes automatically after off/on cycle
  • Can operate both VFO and Memory mode at the same time
  • Display the frequency of a named channel with a button push
  • Independent squelch level for each channel
  • Squelch level adjustable on-the-fly
  • Remove channel from scan list via the keypad
  • Totally lock keypad but still change channels and adjust squelch
  • Single or dual PTT buttons
  • Talk-around button
  • No battery drain during storage
  • FCC Part 90 certified

AT-3318UV-D ............................ in stock now
  • All of the above features, plus
  • TRUE DUAL BAND, receive two signals at the same time
  • Transmit and Receive at the same time
  • AM Aircraft band receive
  • FM broadcast receive
  • Shortwave & Longwave receive
  • MSK encode & decode
  • FHSSFrequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (for private, undetectable transmissions)

AT-3318UV-E ........................... in stock now, limited supply
  • All of the above feature, plus
  • Tri-Band Radio - transmit three bands
                    Transmit 136-174 MHz (5 watts)
                                      222-225 MHz (4 watts)
                                      400-520 MHz (4 watts)
                      Receive 136-174 MHz
                                      220-260 MHz
                                      400-520 MHz
                                         64-108 MHz FM (FM Broadcast)
                                       117-137 MHz AM (AM Aircraft Band)
                                       2.3-29.9 MHz AM (Shortwave Band)
                                     520-1710 kHz AM (AM Broadcast)

AT-5888UV III ........................... available mid-October

  • Tri-Band Mobile
  • This radio will be available October 2014
                       Transmit 136-174 MHz
                                         222-225 MHz
                                         400-490 MHz
                         Receive 108-174 MHz (AM Aircraft Band)
                                         136-174 MHz
                                         200-260 MHz
                                         400-490 MHz

Xiegu QRP Transceivers

  • 9 band, 1-20 watt SSB, AM & CW Transceiver
  • This exciting new model can be ordered now for delivery in early October

  • 5 band, 5 watt SSB & CW Transceiver
  • Not a new product, but still popular and in stock

Rexon Aircraft Transceivers ...................... in stock, limited supply
  • AM & FM modes
  • Includes VOR with CDI
  • 108 – 143.975 AM & FM

Thank you for your continued support.