Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Xiegu X108: Update

X108 Update (and pics):

X108 is the X1 one series. It is a single-conversion shortwave transceiver. In strict accordance with standard industrial design, design optimization transceiver channels, improve the overall receiver dynamic range and SNR; To enhance SSB and CW transceiver performance, specially customized military-grade crystals, crystal filters for the production of IF. X108 machine configured 2.4k and 500Hz for SSB , CW filter, the filter performance is excellent, comparable merchandise machine crystal filters to ensure excellent frequency characteristics of the machine. In addition, the machine is also equipped with AGC , S meter, power meter standing wave, NB (module) function, the operator can meet their daily needs. RF transmit channels using imported MOS tube, the machine APC circuit to ensure the machine is kept constant RF output power level of each band, and also according to the actual needs, adjust the output power level, and have a high VSWR protection. Overall performance indicators to meet the national standard, FCC (or CE ) certification requirements.

Receiver characteristics
Low noise, single-conversion superheterodyne receiver;
Double-balanced diode mixer, providing excellent dynamic range;
Receiver sensitivity: . 0 2 uV (preamp open);
Narrow-band double-tuned band-pass filter, to achieve coverage of all amateur bands ( WARC band);
6 emission in low-pass filter, the filter function to provide excellent performance;
IF channel AGC ( AGC ), providing a constant in the amplifier gain;
Preamplifier and switchable attenuator;
Excellent performance of narrowband IF crystal filter shape factor of up to 1.7 ;
Multi VFO mode , can vary the frequency of work;
Provide S meter, power / SWR meter display;
Optional NB modules;
Optional front panel knob;

Transmitter characteristics
Power adjustable, from 1W ~ 20W ;
Dedicated RF power tube, superior performance;
High VSWR protection, durable, safe and reliable;
Stray radiation rejection: ≥ 40dBc
Standard CW amplitude newspaper;
Automatic key rate adjustable;

Receiving frequency range: 0.5 ~ 30MHz
Transmitting frequency range: all WARC bands ( HAM band)

Work mode:
SSB ( J3E )
CW ( A1A )
AM ( A3E )

Frequency Stability: 1.0 ppm @ -10 ℃ ~ +60 ℃ (standard)
0.5 ppm @ -20 ℃ ~ +75 ℃ ( military regulations, optional)
Receiver sensitivity: . 0 2 uV

SSB 2.4kHz (-6dB)
CW 0.5kHz (-6dB)

Dynamic Range: 95dB
RF Power Output: 20W ;
Spurious rejection: ≥ 45dBc
Carrier suppression: ≥ 45dBc
Antenna Port Impedance: 50 Omega
Operating voltage: 12.5V ~ 14.5V DC ;

Receive 0. 75 ​​A ( Max )
Transmitter 7A ( Max )

With multifunction digital microphone in hand, can achieve full function control, such as digital set-frequency operation;
Equipped with a USB port for easy connection to PC end, realize software control;
32 channel storage;
RIT fine-tuning;
Front panel to protect the handle (optional);
Dimension: 120 * 45 * 180 ( mm )

X108 production is currently being prepared and is expected in 25 days you can get a production machine. X108 is divided into standard and high version in two versions, specific pricing as follows: Standard Edition: 2280 yuan / Taiwan, including the Standard Edition host, hand microphone, power cord, CW plugs, packaging (accessories). High version: 2680 yuan / Taiwan, Standard Edition contains all the configuration, front panel knob, NB modules, high version identifier starting a discount for X1M old user has another offer, so stay tuned! Have everyone's support, we will do better!


  1. I would like to buy one for BETA testing here in the USA. Are you willing to send a pre-production model and what would the cost be ? I have been VERY involved in submitting all of the firmware changes to the X1M, for well over a year now, so I am extremely familiar with your products. I have a full lab of test equipment. Please contact me direct at, Charlie Vest, W5COV

    1. Hey Charlie... I just blog about the radios (and other stuff). I'm not actually selling anything here (unless you count the ads and Amazon links). I've not found a listing on site. I do see where you can get help putting the kit together:

      I'll post if I found out how to get one.

  2. WOW!!!! I love my X1M and I want one of these too!!!

  3. Please let me know where to obtain one from.Ben G4BXD

  4. You are creating great interest within the X1M users of the world. How do I get an X108 to Australia to evaluate and then help spread the good news. How can I order? 73, Bill, VK7MX

  5. I will like one for the SOTA and portable operations. I will see on this site.
    Feri HA7UL

  6. I was hoping that someone from Xiegu reads your page and would perhaps contact me directly. I am interested in getting one of these new models ASAP for evaluation. Ideally it would be quite a bit in advance of them hitting the retail market here in the USA. I have done considerable work on the X1M and X1M PRO, in identifying issues and submitting them to the company for updates and to make the radio truly functional. It was released on the USA retail market with ZERO APPARENT BETA TESTING. Many of us are VERY loyal followers and have contributed much to the current state of the X1M PRO as opposed to the radio that they first released for sale. If ANYONE can provide a lead on how to get one of these to the USA, preferably BEFORE their release, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Charlie, W5COV, I am also the person that sells the AGC kit to add internally to the X1M so we are well qualified to fully evaluate the radio......

  7. Rec current requirements way too high for practical QRP portable battery operations. Like the X1M which is actually much higher than it's published specs. Needs some effective voice processioning and 60 meters. We'll see. KB0SFP

  8. I don't find this compelling at all for the following reasons:
    1. These QRP radios with capabilities to 20-watts have the POTENTIAL to be an ideal go-box radio with NVIS capabilities but the lack of 60m is a huge disappointment!

    2. 0.7 amps RX and 7.0 amps TX makes the FT-857, dialed down to 20 watts, and which supports 60m (along with 6m, 2m & 70cm) a more compelling choice. The current consumption is just too great.

    3. The specifications need to be written in a manner that can be comprehended. In this case, English as a second language just isn't doing any justice in describing capabilities/limitations.

    4. Noise Blanker is an option? Seriously?

    5. Lack of disclosure of capabilities. Take the USB port for example: Is it just for firmware upgrades or does it support USB class compliant interfaces for serial and audio that would make it attractive/useful for digital modes? If the answer is yes, are the interfaces isolated so that noise is not coupled into the radio?

    Too much unsaid to even consider this as a viable option for me.

    1. mine does all of 60 meters so in 2017 it opens per fcc bulliten

  9. Physically attractive radio, but that's it! Current ebay prices approach $700, WOW that's totally unreasonable. The thing has nothing going for it except it's looks. KB0SFP

  10. I actually have one of these X108 radios and have been pretty happy with it. It's a challenge with any radio to be on 20W of power and be heard unless you have a decent antenna, but frankly for a mid-level cost radio that's easily portable and attractive it's pretty nice. I bought mine when they had an introductory price of $590 and felt that it was a good value. I was pleasantly surprised how fast it arrived from China once they were shipping a batch of radios - it took about 6 days from the moment they contacted me that it was shipping to the date it actually arrived - speedy service from China. There's a Yahoo Group that supports this transceiver and they're periodically posting up there. I don't think many have this radio yet and there's A LOT of tire kickers out there trying to determine if they want in or not. I would advise anyone that's even mildly interested in purchasing a X108 to get in - it's a decent radio and I have a FT-817 as well to balance that off of. Certainly, the FT-817 is a higher quality radio and has more features and capabilities in V/UHF, too. But for HF you couldn't tell either radio apart - they have similar operation other than the '817 has 60m.

  11. I wish to buy an X108 with the options. Is it available from China?
    Please respond to:
    Hans VK5YX

  12. unlock vco so i can get all 15 international 60m frequencys--i hear people on them i cant engage
    plus ship tp ship stuff 19.31 meters stc..ban it be done// MY GUES YES
    respectfully yours dave-kc2pkn--what an awesome radio..true genius engineering it

  13. i will join in om 60 meter qso's asap
    tnx for wonderous rig
    dave z