Friday, June 13, 2014

Xiegu XPA20 Amplifier

XPA20 Compact 6-Band Amateur HF 20 Watt Linear amplifier for use with X1M QRP Transceiver (149 GBP / 253 USD):

"The XPA20 is intended as a companion linear amplifier for the X1M HF QRP transceiver, for those who would like a little more oomph than the X1M's 5 Watt output. It is rated at 20 Watts maximum output for 5 Watts input and is suitable for both CW and SSB modes."


Switchable CW/SSB mode circuit
Six selectable low pass filter settings
Selectable time delay
BNC Female input & antenna connectors


RF power output (max): 20 W for 5 W input
Low pass filter settings:
2.0 MHz
4.0 MHz
7.5 MHz
15.0 MHz
22.0 MHz
30.0 MHz
Time delay (selectable): 100 ms to 1000 ms
Transmission modes: SSB (A3J), CW (A1)
Supply voltage (min/max): 12.5/14.0
Current draw (max): 7.2 A
Dimensions: 97 x 40 x 155 mm
Weight: 550 g

1 x XPA20 HF linear amplifier
1 x Power connector housing with 2 x crimp terminals
1 x 3.5 mm stereo Y cable
1 x 3.5 mm stereo extension cable

Via the Xiegu Yahoo Group