Wednesday, July 23, 2014

TYT TH-9000D: Problems

Russell ‏(@nitro1963) passed along the following via Twitter about the TH-9000D:
when u put in repeater inputs eg 477.350 then change power level the input changers to 483.350
some will not clone . Audio recieve level is lower. If your only going to use the radio on simplex it may be ok for some people
after you programe repeater channels in they should not change after programming input 433.625 output 438.625 eg 
many people having problems with the D model tyt th9000D 
iv programmed many tyt th 9000 never had a problem until the D model came out 
they have changed the wiring on the mic from the 9000 to the 9000D not compatable now
Any other readers having problems?


  1. My th 9000D has a high pitch tone output even it is in 0 volume

  2. My buddies say my mic sounds weak when I talk. Bought a new mic but it was a 9000,not 9000d. So it didn't work. They can hear me but it's really low like I'm away from it but in reality I'm screaming into it. Any suggestions?

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  4. My TYT TH-9000D also transmits with very low audio. I was unable to find an adjustment in the software or on the face of the radio. Any ideas?