Saturday, August 9, 2014

Xiegu X108: Import Communications Update

Update from Ed (Import Communications) via the X1M Yahoo Group:
"At my request, the annoying Pacman that continuously chomps, will be history. Hopefully he won't be replaced with a smiley face.

The fit and finish of this radio is excellent. The speaker holes are CNC drilled, the display cover is flush mounted, it is just a nice looking radio. My sample is getting a workout by a friend and reports are good so far. When he's finished, I'll post his comments here. Another friend is going to display it at the Huntsville hamfest in the fleamarket area. I'll report his space number on the forum later.

My X108 sample arrived assembled, not as a kit. The factory says in kit form, the radio will require 99.9% mechanical assembly with only one wire to solder. I assume this would be a wire to the antenna connector.

About X1M. From the information I have, this radio will continue to be produced. I am not sure when the factory will make another run of them because I know all efforts are going into the X108 at this time."

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