Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Xiegu X108: Testing Results

Some results of the testing... I'm having some difficulty parsing all of this. I'll leave that to the many people who are smarter than me.
"Overall, the test found that the main issue covers both hardware and software, but also more detailed.
The first round of testing yet found a fatal problem, the main problem is the following points:
1, CIV control part of the software is imperfect. (Software perfected)
2, USB port communication, computer recognition, online instability (already rectification)
3, PTT data interference. (Already rectification)
4, some bug (already rectification) software on the
5, optimization of protection mechanisms (already rectification) more than a few problems have been gradually rectification is complete, partial validation machines also made ​​the corresponding comprehensive reform, should be effective, The second round of closed beta has yet to be further verified. Including software on some issues, but also have made ​​the appropriate improvements. Meanwhile, No. 405, No. 406, No. 408 also conducted a precision CNC machine APC improved power control is more precise and stable, and optimized high VSWR protection mechanism to ensure safety when working under prolonged high standing state machine. At the same time, this also verified the reception performance measured X108, or good, with some large base station receives the comparison test results, are also remarkable, I also relieved. Launch is also to force, the indicators are in line with national standard requirements. Niece secretive nothing good question, and found the problem to be improved, which is the measured maximum use and harvest ah"
"USB port problems, one USB port instability, vulnerable to interference, one USB real-time communication interference received, the final decision to abandon USB real-time communication, retaining only brush machine functions. The online task is given to the AUX port, this interface can be extended out."
"USB port to keep the brush machine will use ah. X108 USB port is not simply a serial converter chip, but really USB, brush firmware with USB mass storage mode, and drivers and operating system independent, and do not want to change the structure of the main circuit."


  1. Did you see the new BaoFeng BF-F8HP? http://baofengtech.com/bf-f8hp, http://www.miklor.com/COM/Review_F8HP.php

    1. I saw the post on the Yahoo group and opened the links, but I haven't read it in detail. All I really saw was low/med/hi power.

      Thanks for making sure I saw it!

  2. OK, as a computer person and ham, I'll try interpreting that:

    It sounds like Xiegu was trying for a built-in USB sound device, which is more or less what the FunCube Dongle looks like to the computer it's connected to. This would have been a fantastic development for digital modes. It looks like the Aux jack will be used to fulfill some of the functions.

    What's left for the USB is a serial port emulation. The only question is, whose chipset? There are really just two common chipsets, FTDI and Prolific. FTDI is the superior chip, while Prolific has been plagued by numerous counterfeit chips for which the official drivers obviously don't work. Prolific also has the well known version dependency syndrome, where you need drives for version x-1, but guess what, your OS only supports x+1. (Oops.)

    I'll find out, since I've ordered one, and it will be my first HF rig.

  3. AFAIK production has just started. Hopefully they will be available beginning of October.