Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Xiegu X108: Better Update

From Fred (VE3FAL):
"Those who have already received the updated radio say it is like night and day between the first batch and the second. Audio on SSB is much cleaner and clearer and the over-driving of the front end has been fixed. AM is also much better sounding according to those using the radio. 
The firmware has been changed as well so the microphone buttons can be programmed by the end user to their choice and option for buttons on the microphone, as well a cw side-tone volume control has been added into the menu options."

And from Ed's Import Communications site:

"-this radio is out of stock- 
the factory is replacing all previously sold radios and stock should return in mid-December"

And also this:
"Xiegu is pronounced 'zee goo'"

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