Thursday, February 26, 2015

Xiegu X108: Future

I've not heard this anywhere else, but I saw this on the X108 Yahoo Group
"Well guys my suspicions have been confirmed and its looking like the Xiegu X108 is going out of production.. 
I am greatfull to a member who sent me some information he had back from Xiegu them selves kind of confirming that unless customer demand is higher they are going to stop production..
They only have deluxe models available at present and no standard versions are in the pipe line.. 
Great news looks like we have all been guinea pigs for Xiegu and the X108..
Im sure over the coming days now more info may come to light as to its future if any..
If any body can get more info regarding this then i'm sure the group will be gratefull.
Positive news would be good but im not holding my breath on this one.. 
Wayne 2e0bvj"
Anyone else got any info on this?

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  1. It was too expensive for a radio produced in China, and the quality control was not that great either!

    To sell them in droves the retail price needs to be halved, and vast quality improvements made!

    Then it will be a winner!