Friday, May 1, 2015

AnyTone Tech: FCC

Via AnyTone Tech on Google+:
"FAQ: GMRS, MURS, and Commercial: How does it work? A clarification for users as we update our FCC certificates: The radios modes are individually tested and certified in each mode. The modes are able to be locked down to exclusively operate in the radio mode selected, and are ONLY legal to be used on those frequencies while operating in the selected mode. (No GMRS or MURS use while in the Commercial/Amateur mode). These radios are not to be used on FRS as these are not FRS radios or certified for FRS use. There will not be a firmware update to allow simultaneous GMRS/MURS use with the Part 90 frequencies. The NSTIG-8R and ANILE-8R are not GMRS or MURS certified."
As a reminder, the TERMN-8R and OBLTR-8R have the MURS and GMRS capabilities. The NSTIG-8R and ANILE-8R do not.

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  1. I will be (pleasantly) surprised if they can get the Termn-8r certificated with all 3 modes intact. I am concerned that even if they can get past most of the FCC niggles, there is the mutually exclusive rule that will be used to clobber them until they lose interest.

    1) This device is authorized for the MURS radio service. Section 95.655(d) prohibits this combination. Also refer to KDB Publication 149672 Paragraph (1)(a)(i).
    Part 95.655(d) says:
    (d) No transmitter will be certificated for use in MURS if it is equipped with a frequency capability not listed in §95.632.