Monday, June 22, 2015

Baofeng Tech: Baofeng UV-82HP

Much better news for the Baofeng UV-82HP coming from John's review on
"- The original UV82 took a traditional UV5R, and added design features such as an upgraded case design and Dual PTT switch. (comparison
- Next came the UV82C which included the options to synchronize the Dual PTT function to emulate a Single PTT, and the ability to lock out the VFO to prevent accidental field programming. 
- Next came the 8W F8HP. This was the radio that started the HP / TP movement. 
- An expanded feature added is R-Tone, a repeater tone for those requiring a 1000, 1450, 1750 or 2000Hz audible tone for access. This is not to be confused with CTCSS or DCS. Prior models provided Tone Burst for 1750Hz only. 
The UV82HP now includes all of the above features in one package. The PTT synchronizing, VFO lockout, High Power, R-Tone, and newest generation chipset. 
It has kept the traditional UV82 case design to ensure compatibility between all existing options, including Dual PTT Spkr/Micr, battery cases, holsters, battery eliminators, etc."

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