Monday, June 22, 2015

QYT KT8900: Miklor Review

Some bad news (at least for now) for those of us that were interested in the QYT KT8900 / Juentai JT-6188...

John's review at Miklor lists the cons including some serious ones:
"The Audio issue is serious.
The inability to use the software on a Windows PC is disappointing.
No external Speaker jack. The port in rear is for programming cable only.
No 2.5 kHz steps (relatively minor compared to above)"
"- No Audio on an Active Channel
This one is a bit nasty.
When changing or returning to an Active Channel, no audio is present. You must press [EXIT], or press the PTT to open the squelch. If you are in the scan mode, it is possible the radio will stop on an active channel, but no audio will be heard.
This is also found in Section 3 at the Miklor FAQ.
- Humming Sound
Not major, but worth pointing out. When a signal is present and the audio is fully turned down, there is a humming / buzzing sound that comes through the speaker. When the volume is turned up, the sound is no longer noticeable. This is not a Power Source issue."
Read the whole review here.

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