Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Neal Stephenson has a new book: Seveneves: A Novel. I obviously like his stuff as he made the cut when I purged books a while back. I've only started reading the sample of this one, but I came across this in the first little bit:
"Rufus, a die-hard ham radio enthusiast who still communicated in Morse code with a dwindling circle of old friends all over the world, had pointed out that radio transmission between the ground and Izzy was actually rather easy, given that it was line-of-sight (at least when Izzy happened to be passing overhead) and that the distance was nothing by ham radio standards. Since Dinah lived and worked in a robot workshop, surrounded by soldering gear and electronics workbenches, it had been a simple matter for her to assemble a small transceiver following specifications provided by her dad."
Izzy = The International Space Station. Guess I'll be forking over the money for the full book soon.

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