Monday, November 30, 2015

QYT KT-8900R: Tri-band Mobile

Good news, bad news. Good news... QYT is working on a 25W tri-band mobile. Bad news... it is 136-174 MHz, 400-480 MHz, and 240-260 MHz.


  1. Are Chinese cigarette packs the same size as North American ones?

  2. The pictures I've seen of the label on the bottom of these say "220-260MHz"...sooooo, maybe they can be reprogrammed???

    1. Was wondering the same myself,...
      Many of the pictures of Bottom Label
      show 220-260Mhz ????
      Anybody know for certain?????

    2. Mine goes from 240-260.997. So, no ham operation here. Anyway the 220 MHz band is not a legal ham band in Scandinavia where I live, so I do not need it. 240 and up is for Russian space communication and emergency transponders (use extreme caution). So for licenced ham operators, this is a 2 band radio.
      It is CE-marked.

  3. Got one of these her in Norway. Was probably one of the first to order it when it became available. Really nice radio. So small, the audio has VOLUME :) Can even listen to FM broadcast on it (until it goes QRT in 2017 and DAB+ will be the only alternative. Called progress...).
    But one temporary problem. The programming soft for the older KT-8900 two-band is NOT compatible with this one. I got a new Chinese software for it, but I am not able to use it as I do not understand the language. Tried to experiment a little, but without luck. Manual programming of all the channels I need is simply not an option. I just programmed two channels and await English software. Might take some time before it becomes widely available. But, the radio is so nice... So small...

  4. Is there a hole behind the fan?
    How about overheating when talking over 30mins or so.

  5. 220 NOT 240 Mhz would be a reason to purchase. Love to know definitively if the 1.25 meter ham bads are covered. for now the last thing most people need is yet another 2m/440 only radio.
    Ve6mt has a great question. Post an answer soon folks.


  6. Hello
    just bought a qyt kt 8900.
    reading discovered it is a triband and need a password to a access 240mhz band.
    Any idea what are the numbers?
    sincerely yours
    Luis Palhares

  7. I've noticed that mine will overheat in 10 minutes of back and forth chatter. Not happy but you get what you pay for.

  8. I bought QYT KT-8900R Tri-band Mobile Radio, and it already burned the outlet tank, because it stopped the fan, and I did not understand. Caution if the equipment is defective, there will be no service manual for repair, the first one I bought burned the first day, I returned, I spent freight, and they sent another, that super heated, and burned the final tank. I've looked everywhere, it does not exist, If anyone has it and can send me a PDF, I'll be grateful. I do not recommend this product.

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