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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

QYT KT-8900R: Tri-band including 220?

So initial indications were that the QYT KT-8900R was a tri-band, but would only do 240-260 MHz. The 409Shop is now selling it for $96 and the posting shows 2M/440 and 220.

Frequency Range: VHF:136-174MHz  /  220-260mhZ
Frequency Range: UHF:400-480MHz
Number of Channel: 200
Channel Spacing: 25KHz 20K 12.5
Phase lock step: 5KHz、6.25 KHz、10 KHz、12.5 KHz、15 KHz、25 KHz
Working Voltage: 13.8V DC±15%
Squelch way: CTCSS/DCS/5Tone/2Tone/DTMF
Frequency Stability: ±2.5ppm
Operating Temperature: -20~+60
Dimension: 98(W) x 35(H) x 118(D)mm
Weight: 408g
Output power: 25W/20W(VHF/UHF)

(This is the video from their page, but appears to be the dual band version of the KT-8900.)

1 x QYT KT8900 136-174/220-260/400-480MHz Mini Mobile Radio Transceiver
1 x Microphone
1 x Car Power Cable
1 x Fuse
1 x Mounting bracket
1 x Screw
1 x User"s Manual

Monday, November 30, 2015

QYT KT-8900R: Tri-band Mobile

Good news, bad news. Good news... QYT is working on a 25W tri-band mobile. Bad news... it is 136-174 MHz, 400-480 MHz, and 240-260 MHz.