Sunday, February 7, 2016

Baofeng Tech: UV-2501+220: CTCSS

A question about CTCSS on the UV-2501+220:
Do you think that the phrase:
>>refined our audio and changed our RDA chip set placement to improve performance to audio filtering.

is referring the CTSS audio "picket fencing" issue that requires us to disable CTSS decode on all channels?"
 And the reply:
I know that the RDA chip was changed and there were some major firmware changes.
I did several hours of test driving with the +220 and I could not make it fail. 
R-CTCSS has no adverse impact on the receiver. 
The pulsing/chopping that is prevalent in some of the other similar models is not in my beta radio. 


  1. I'm getting excited about this radio. Might be my replacement for my Azden PCS-6000 in my mobile if it turns out to be decent.

    1. Me, too! Lots of folks are using the "excited" word about the UV-2501+220.