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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Baofeng Tech: UV-5001 and UV-2501+220

A couple of shots to show the relative size of the Baofeng Tech UV-5001 and the UV-2501+220. It's not that the UV-5001 is that big - the UV-2501+220 is amazingly compact.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Boafeng Tech: Gen 3 Mobile Updates

The Baofeng Tech UV-2501 and Baofeng Tech UV-5001 got some updates:
GENERATION 3 UPDATESThe 3rd Gen. BTECH mobiles focus on significant hardware updates. The UV-2501 update includes a built-in external temperature cooling fan and an exclusive updated board which provides unmatched performance compared to any transceiver in its class - focusing on refined audio clarity, selectivity, and filtering. The firmware has also been updated with user adjustable DTMF Gain and Mic Gain. Power toggling is now selectable right on the keypad.
Looks like the same update applies to the UV-5001 as well.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Baofeng Tech Mobiles: CHIRP Support

The latest version of CHIRP now supports the Baofeng Tech mobiles (UV-2501+220UV-2501, and UV-5001). I got to try out a beta version and had no problems with the basic functions.

Via Miklor on the BAOFENG AMATEUR RADIO NETWORK (B.A.R.N.) Facebook page

Friday, March 18, 2016

Baofeng Tech: UV-2501+220 Giveaway

Baofeng Tech is giving away a UV-2501+220 via their Facebook page. Details:
GIVEAWAY: We are giving away ONE FREE UV-2501+220 to one of our fans. (Worldwide Entry) 
ENTRY: Share and Comment on this Post 
WHEN: The winner will be notified by a comment reply and will be chosen on March 31, 2016 
PRIZE: The Tri-Band Mobile, the UV-2501+220

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Baofeng Tech UV-2501+220: Programming from the Radio

Programming the Baofeng Tech UV-2501+220 without the software is a lot more time consuming, but definitely doable as this video demonstrates. If you plan on loading it up with lots channels, you'll want to use the software and get the FTDI USB Programming Cable.

Chapter 4 of the manual (PDF) has written instructions that walk you through the programming as well.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Baofeng Tech UV-2501+220: Programming from your PC

A how-to video for installing and programming your Baofeng Tech UV-2501+220. Grab the software here. You'll need a USB cable like the BTECH PC04 FTDI USB Programming Cable as well. (The process is the same for the Baofeng Tech UV-2501 and Baofeng Tech UV-5001 - simply download the appropriate software for those models.)

Some general comments about using programming software for radios:

If the you can't figure out which Comm Port the radio is using, go to the Device Manager in Windows. You can see which port is correct or if the cable isn't showing as installed properly. The latter is often the guess if you aren't using a genuine FTDI chip.

As a best practice, I always like to save a copy of the original configuration before I make any changes.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Baofeng Tech Programming Cable for Mobile Radios

I've been manually programming everything in to the UV-2501+220 and I plan on doing a short video tutorial of the process. However, I am really glad my BTECH PC04 FTDI USB Programming Cable arrived yesterday.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Baofeng Tech UV-2501: 220 Relay Noise

I was playing with the dual watch/TDR functionality and 220 on the UV-2501+220. I noticed this sound (video):

"Radio is sturdily constructed and amazingly small. Programmed it with the software from the miklor site and tried it out on my comet triband antenna on local repeaters in all 3 bands. Good audio reports although was noted as slightly muffled on highs. Power output is around 20 watts or a few under.
One odd behavior I did notice is TDR enabled or scanning from UHF/VHF to 220 results in relay noise.
Side a/side b noise (TDR on) 
Uhf/uhf no 
Vhf/vhf no 
Uhf/vhf no 
220/220 no 
Uhf/220 yes 
Vhf/220 yes"

"I suspect the 220 MHz band antenna lowpass filter is switched with a relay and the 2 meter lowpass filter and 70 cm highpass filters are switched with PIN diodes. A relay that completely isolated the 220 MHz RF filter is easier to do this than design a more complicated bandpass filter and the relay likely has less insertion loss and won't impact the RF performance of the 2 meter/70 cm bands. Based on that I would say the sound you are hearing is normal."
I e-mailed the Baofeng Tech guys and they confirmed this is normal behavior for the dual watch flipping between 440 or 2M and 220.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Baofeng Tech UV-2501+220: A wee tiny radio with a lot of capability

Some initial impressions from someone that's picked up the UV-2501+220:
"a wee tiny radio with a lot of capability"

I agree with several of the comments there - especially about the size. It is small, but I didn't feel like the buttons were too hard to access. Using the mic to program in a repeater was not especially painful as those things go - I don't think manually programming 100 repeaters would be high on anyone's list. Getting the programming cable will make life much easier.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Baofeng Tech: Antenna Connections

A commenter wanted "to know if that antenna has any kind of O-ring or seal between the antenna and NMO adapter." Here are some close-ups of all the connectors for both the Nagoya TB-320A tri-band antenna and the Nagoya RB-35 5/8 NMO Mount. I don't see any o-rings/seals - just the insulators, but the fit was very good on everything and all the connections locked up nice and tight.

Baofeng UV-2501: It's alive!

Powering up the UV-2501+220... it barely moves the meter.

(It's nice to have the cigarette lighter plug for quickly getting these radios going.)

The display looks better than these pictures show - it's very bright and overwhelms the camera.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Baofeng UV-2501+220: Unboxing pictures.

A few pictures of the UV-2501+220 unboxing... initial impressions of the build quality are favorable. For example, the mic feels substantial in my hand. I know you can't tell everything by holding a radio, but it is a good start.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Baofeng Tech UV-2501+220: Size Comparison

I'm amazed at how small the UV-2501+220 is. I used to think the Leixen VV-808 was small. The UV-2501+220 is on the top and then the left in the photos below.