Monday, February 15, 2016

Baofeng UV-2501: It's alive!

Powering up the UV-2501+220... it barely moves the meter.

(It's nice to have the cigarette lighter plug for quickly getting these radios going.)

The display looks better than these pictures show - it's very bright and overwhelms the camera.


  1. This radio looks good, but does it have enough power for a mobile rig?

    1. At 25 watts, it has a lot more power than the HT I was using. If you are worried about power and don't care about 220, they have the UV-5001 that does 50 watts -

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    3. Do you know if they are planning on coming out with a UV-5001+220? I would be much more inclined to purchase the higher powered version. Still thinking about getting the UV-2501+220, but I'm going to wait until more people have had time to review it as it's hard now to find anything about the radio except on the manufacturers site.