Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hamfests and Gun Shows

Grapevine Amateur Radio will be setting up at a gun show. I'm surprised there isn't more overlap like this:
"You read that correctly - we will be at the Lewisville Gun Show on April 2.  Why?  Because we are new and innovative, and no one has done this before.  We do what other Ham Shops do not.  During the Belton Hamfest in 2014, when a Gun Show was happening in the other side of the Belton Expo Center, all you could hear on the local repeater was "Hamfest and Gun Show at the same place!  WOW!  I need to get back to the ATM!"  Hams were thrilled about a Gun Show right next door to the Belton Hamfest;  so guess what - we are bringing the Ham Radios to the Lewisville Gun Show, right here in our own backyard.  This will be a fun 2-day event.  Stop by the table and say hello, we will be the only ones there selling RADIOS and NEW TECHNICIAN books!"


  1. It's a legitimately good idea.

    Although as a consumer this might be more dangerous than an all-you-can-drink trip to Vegas!

  2. Actually probably safer than just a Hamfest...

  3. Everything Ham Radio. I think the implication was that combining the two could dangerously expensive.

  4. Having been to both separately I think its a great idea, but like the previous post, likley will shoot a hole in your wallet :)