Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Monster Cable Modem

Comcast sent me a new cable modem (XB3) - something about needing it for improved service or new functionality. I thought the old one was big, but the new one (right) is huge.

I did a little before and after testing. No obvious change and I'm clearly not getting 2 Gbps.



The new cable modem also has 802.11ac support - which is an improvement over my 802.11n ASUS router. I've flipped my TV and phone over to the AC wireless to test and I saw the expected speed improvements.

And, of course, the new cable modem is not configured for bridge mode. I had resigned myself to making another couple of calls, but I noticed the bridge mode button is actually available from the web console. I need to put my phone and TV back on my wireless router before I can test - bridge mode disables the Comcast wi-fi.

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  1. I wish the FCC would get on Comcast. I received a call from them about getting the "new" X1 service and that would "save" me 10$. I asked what the difference was and the caller couldn't tell me or how I would save the 10$. I'm in Nashville and the Comcast service is just as bad here. I don't the 2gig d/l either. I run around 1.5 if lucky. I wish I could change to someone else, but Comcrap is the only show in town (my area). Can't wait till ATT shows up.