Friday, February 26, 2016

Morning Star: Book III of The Red Rising Trilogy

I'm killing two birds with one stone with this post.

First, you know I get rich (rich I tell you!) off the millions of dollars you spend using my Amazon links. Amazon announced a new feature where they provide an embed link for Kindle books, so I wanted to try it out. We'll see what it looks like below.

Secondly, I finished Morning Star: Book III of The Red Rising Trilogy. I'd give it four out of five stars. It was mostly satisfying as a conclusion to the series. I really, really enjoyed the first book - it was a (virtual) page turner. I think I may have gotten it for $0.99 at the time. (The first hit is free!) My hang-up is more of a general nature than specifically anything about this last book. I think I enjoy the stories where there are high stakes, but the scope is on a more personal level - not giant space battles or planets being destroyed. If you read the series, you'll know my favorite parts are while Darrow is at the Institute.

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