Friday, March 25, 2016

Xiegu X5105

Some updates on the X5105 on HelloCQ via the Xiegu X108G & X5105 Facebook group:

1, X5105 much power?
The whole band maximum 5W, minimum 1W, 0.5W in continuous steps. 
2, X5105 which works in the band?
0.5 ~ 54MHz amateur band range. 
3, X5105 which mode?
CW / SSB / AM / NFM / DIG, support digital mode; 
4, X5105 screen how much?
About 3.2 inch grayscale display black and white screen; 
5, the volume X5105 how much?
About 160 * 100 * 42mm 
6, X5105 operating voltage range?
DC 8 ~ 15V 
7, X5105 SDR is it?
X5105 itself is the second superheterodyne structure, built ADSP processor to complete part of SDR functions. With subsequent XDT1 products that can achieve all SDR functionality.
X5105 is the front end of the machine 2-conversion analog receiver, the rear end of the demodulated signal into the DSP chip, digital filtering, digital noise reduction, digital NB processing. 
8, X5105's internal battery is in what form?
Is built-in battery, life time is about 6 to 8 hours; 
9, the material is what X5105 shell?
Sheet metal chassis. 
10, X5105 antenna interface What are the specifications?
BNC (Q9) Interface 
11, X5105 can do with the computer on-line?
Can be connected to a computer, send and receive a host of software control by the HRD.  
12, X5105 and XPA125, XDT1 how to connect?
A dedicated connection port, you can connect wires. Connection will be distribution, without having to purchase separately. 
13, X5105 can charge the internal battery it?
Yes, the machine has a charging circuit. 
14, X5105 can customize boot callsign it?
15, X5105 weigh?
About 0.6 kg. 
16, X5105 automatic key it?
There, you can manually key / auto key switch, adjustable rate; 
17, X5105 automatic call / Beacon feature? How Built-in filter performance?
Automatic call / beacon function.
5105 machine filter as follows:
a roofing filter, Japan KDS custom 15K Bandwidth
b crystal filters, co Valley secret SSB, CW filter
c AM filter, FM filters, some of the products ordered in Chengdu 
18, X5105 has approval code it? By inspection machine it?
It will apply for approval code, the whole index in line with requirements of the testing machine.
Here are some pictures from the HelloCQ thread.


  1. Question:
    How to reduce the volume of the cw sidetone during transmission?
    Only the dots side is working. Is it a setup or is it broken? I received it new yesterday.

  2. it was broken. Returned it and got a second one. Same thing. Returned it. Too bad, it is such a nice radio. Everything else was working great.