Friday, April 29, 2016

Leixen Note: Miklor Review of the 25W HT

Miklor reviews the 25W Leixen Note HT:
"Leixen, the same company that introduced the VV-898S BackPack radio, has once again introduced a product that is like no other out there. A 25W air-cooled handheld portable mobile.

The NOTE is a 16 Channel UHF transceiver, the likes if which I have never seen before. The description is not an error. This is a dual purpose tri-power radio that can serve as a 5W/10W handheld, or a 25W mobile all in one package."
His conclusion (with great power comes great responsibility):
"A note of caution regarding the radios power. 25W is a lot of RF power. It makes for an incredible radio, but that type of power must be used responsibly." 
"If you are looking for a single band UHF transceiver that can be used as a base station, mobile, or handheld, the Leixen NOTE is definitely a radio to consider. The manufacturer's intent is to eventually produce a similar VHF version."


  1. where do you get these?

  2. 25w? That's it? I will not be satisfied until they make an HT that kills me from brain cancer (I'd settle for RF burns I guess) within 30 seconds of PTT activation.

  3. Is this radio Type Accepted? If so, please let me know what part it is accepted for (Part 90, for example) and send me the FCC ID number.