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Friday, April 29, 2016

Leixen Note: Miklor Review of the 25W HT

Miklor reviews the 25W Leixen Note HT:
"Leixen, the same company that introduced the VV-898S BackPack radio, has once again introduced a product that is like no other out there. A 25W air-cooled handheld portable mobile.

The NOTE is a 16 Channel UHF transceiver, the likes if which I have never seen before. The description is not an error. This is a dual purpose tri-power radio that can serve as a 5W/10W handheld, or a 25W mobile all in one package."
His conclusion (with great power comes great responsibility):
"A note of caution regarding the radios power. 25W is a lot of RF power. It makes for an incredible radio, but that type of power must be used responsibly." 
"If you are looking for a single band UHF transceiver that can be used as a base station, mobile, or handheld, the Leixen NOTE is definitely a radio to consider. The manufacturer's intent is to eventually produce a similar VHF version."