Monday, August 8, 2016

Band Plan Plug-in

Another cool thing you can do with SDR...


  1. Youssef has really stepped it up this year. I knew things would change for the better when he released the add on called spectrumspy a while back. If you look at his changelog you will see that he is really innovating and doing some amazing things. I have to give him a lot of credit. He is spending less time yelling at people and more time making his software great.

  2. One great feature of enabling the band plan is that it will change the receive mode automatically base on the band plan default mode.

    Scanning FM broadcasts stations and it will switch the WFM and 200k automatically. Go to the 20m ham band and it will change SDR# to USB at 2.7k automatically. This is great for people new to SDR'S