Monday, August 8, 2016

WLN KD-C1: 440 Plus a 220 Mod?

I thought I had posted about the WLN KD-C1, but I can't find it anywhere. Maybe I ignored it, because it is a simple 16-channel UHF (400-470 MHz). It's cheap at $19 bucks. (And you could get one in orange and white.)

And for those that like to live dangerously, you can try VE3PZR's software mod to add 220 MHz:
"I suspect it puts out spurs in the 440 MHz band." 
"A simple test on 223.580 with a friend with a real 220 MHz radio proved that the radio transmits some power. He was able to hear me but I was not able to hear him. He was about 8KMs away."
Interesting, but TX without RX strikes me as not very useful. I'd rather have the RX only if I got to pick.

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